Florence Demeusy – what is interesting that you should know about her…




It sounds a bit like a love letter, but to be honest I can´t find any better and more true words about Florence then this.

I met her in 2010 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin and I fell in love with her personality immediately.
To find a powerful, creative, lovely and caring person in this world is like finding a diamond in the ocean. A person who make you feel comfortable about yourself and removes all your fear with just one simple and loving smile.
When we met she told me about her passion for photography – capturing moments. Happy, powerful, inspiring, sad – any kind of moments that express feelings on their honest soul.
A few hair colors later Florence has gone a long way to finally take a heart and make the step to establish herself as a photographer. I am really proud of her and looking forward to all the great things that are yet to come. To see her work grow, find her own expression of visionary art and make even more people feel comfortable with taking amazing pictures of them. We all need chances in life to get somewhere and become the person that we wanted to be – right…?


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