Hey there !

I know it has been a long time since I posted some stuff.

So much things happened in my life in the past few months, I had to deal with. Some cool stuff, some sad stuff … But that’s life, we all have some periods in which we have some difficulties to handle our lives but that’s ok when you can go back on the right path.. But soon more about this in another article !

Today I wanted to show you my very first pregnancy shoot I did with my dear friend Julie, who trusted me on everything, from make up to outfit, she let me do what I wanted and I think she also felt comfortable in her skin the way I styled her 😀 ! She looked gorgeous and self confident in front of my lens even she never stood in front of a „professional“ camera before 🙂  but I’ll let you take a look at it yourself !

Her future husband Jessy told me that he’s also very shy in front of cameras, but, really I didn’t thought that it would be so much fun to shoot both of them together !! Their love for each other and happiness to be a little family soon is so beautiful to see ! (by the way, baby Jaymi is already there and looks so cute !!!! )

I hope you guys will like the pictures as much as I do ! Let me know what you think about by commenting or sending me a private message !!

Have a beautiful Sunday !!




PS: Sorry for my bad english !!! I didn’t practice once, over the past months :/ So, as ever.. I promise to get better 😉 So be kind and don’t judge haha





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